Senior Executive

3 Years experience


About this Role:

Tasks and Responsibilities including

- Cyber security solution specialist and subject matter expert for wide range of security products from our company.

- Provide L1/L2 technical support and maintenance for customer security and IT team.

- Lead project implementation or part of the project team member to work with clients and solution partners for project delivery.

- Design security architecture for projects and lead project meetings with customer.

- Troubleshoot and configure security product and solution for customer via remote and/or onsite.

- Proactive maintenance for the implemented solution for the customer.

- Facilitate technical review or troubleshoot session between product principles and customer.

- Produce technical documentation, meeting summary, project documentation, and training material.

- Conduct end user training.


- at least 3 years related working experience in IT network, system, and security solution/operation.

- Resourceful in problem solving and possess good analytical skill.

- Effective communicator in English, required to work in complex and multi stakeholders environment.

- Experienced in solution deployment, user testing, and/or technical support.

- Efficient learner and self-motivated for improvement, able to demonstrate in past work.

- Possesses information security product or industry related professional certificates.

- In depth understand or interested in cyber security technology related industry.

- Working understanding/knowledge in virtualisation, cloud technology, operating system (Windows and Linux), email and network operation, SQL database, and web app solution.

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