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1 Year experience

Permanent, Full-Time

About this Role:

• Ensure smooth operations required at the front line operation in food service.
• Ensure that all of the following is ready for service 15 minutes before meal times in terms of food served according to the menu planned, food garnishing, counter temperature, food displays, serving gears, merchandising posters, and price tags.
• Ensure that all areas around food counters are clean and spotless including floors, walls, counters and equipment.
•Ensure that food served during meal times are prepared and dished out according to the hygiene and safety regulations required by corporate standards and governmental regulations.
• Serve food in the assigned plates or holding receptacles in the portions approved by the client to customers during meal times.• Attend weekly service meetings to improve and enhance service level.
• Handle customers’ feedback duly and ensure that all actions taken are reported to the Unit Manager after each meal.
• Ensure the safe operation of all cleaning equipment and report to the management of any faulty equipment.
• Perform all other duties as and when assigned by Senior Catering Assistant.


• Communication Skills (verbal and written) – ability to convey meaning and obtain understanding.
• Organizational Skills – ability to group work in relation to the work being done, prioritizing and scheduling an even workflow.
• People Skills – ability to effectively relate to customers and others in all organizational levels, being sensitive to their needs.
• Conceptual Skills – ability to see entire program objective ensuring that individual programs work within the framework of the company’s objectives.
• Customer Relations – ability to relate to customers with an attitude of friendliness while conveying confidence in the company’s professionalism