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$2,250 - $3750 / Month

Senior Executive

8 Years experience

Permanent, Full-Time

About this Role:
  • Responsible for managing all the work of the kitchen, mastering all the techniques and knowledge of the kitchen.
  • Produce high-priced or large-scale banquets and high-priced dishes (such as abalone, shark's fin, bird's nest).
  • Conducting and teach the Assistant Chef on the cooking techniques.
  • Cooperate with the head Chopper to formulate the menu and snack menu.
  • Planning to increase the production of new dishes to customers.
  • Supervise and inspect the performance of staff at all levels of the kitchen.
  • Responsible for the working arrangements and attendance of the kitchen staff.

• Must have at least eight years of experience in traditional Cantonese/Teochew cuisine.
• Extremely high quality standard oriented chef to be able to satisfy local and as well international traveler guests with high expectation with new exiting food to try.
• To research and recommend high quality culinary staff in the market.
• Good attitude, proactive and reliable.
• Team work and passionate.
• Maintains professional grooming and appearance and acts as a role model according to established grooming and appearance policy.
• Encourages mutual respect, dignity and integrity with all employees, by setting positive examples at all times.
• Instills an atmosphere that encourages employees to share ideas, discuss concerns, to guide and resolve conflicts.
• Retains employees through involvement in training and development.
• Open minded and willing to take constructive criticism.
• To communicate regarding the tasks and job responsibility.