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Senior Quality Control Inspector

Skylift Districentre Pte Ltd


Transportation|Logistics 1 Year Professional Certificate/NITEC


D22 Boon Lay, Jurong, Jurong Island, Tuas  

Job Description

Basic – $2300 to $2500

Allowance - $100 Transport

Overtime – To be confirmed

Working hours – 5.5 days week - 8:00 am to 5:00, Monday to Friday. Saturday: 8:30am – 12:30pm. Working hours may subject to change in view of operation needs



Quality Control Inspector Job Description

  • Check the quality of incoming and outgoing materials or products, production procedures
  • After approving the operation processes by confirming specifications and conducting visual and measurement tests, monitor the operations to ensure they meet the approved systems, communicating any required changes to the supervisor or manager.


  • Maintaining Records (daily tasks)


  • keeping a record of defects, analysing products, and overseeing procedures
  • maintain detailed records of the instruction that’s been carried out
  • relevant additional information, and various metrics such as the number of defective products produced each day
  • Recording inspection results by completing reports, summarizing re-works and wastes and inputting data into quality database


  • Monitoring Operations


  • After approving the operation processes by confirming specifications and conducting visual and measurement tests, monitor the operations to ensure they meet the approved systems, communicating any required changes to the supervisor or manager.
  • Maintain, monitor the implementation & update relevant audits program
  • Support daily goods return verification. (Manage and report actions for products under quality on-hold), and ensure that stakeholders (management, QC team, client) are kept in loop of the progress regularly.
  • Involved in customer’s audits and assist in follow-up corrective/preventive actions.
  • Initiate regular reviews and updates of SOPs and streamline processes with relevant stakeholders, through daily meetings in the company or other practical and relevant channels of communication.
  • Review incident reports and analyse incident reporting trends.
  • Assist in investigations / reviews relating to incidents, and then provide reports to manage for their review and propose ways to eliminate / mitigate recurrence of incidents. Successfully implement and execute these methods to productively resolve issues.
  • Inspecting Procedures
  • Perform self-inspection/ pre-audit, then present findings to management and keep them aware of difficulties that the company may face. Rectify these issues with their team before actual audit happens.
  • Products are inspected to a high standard
  • Resolve quality assurance issues and review all quality parameter on warehouse operations; ensure these parameters are met and also create preventive systems or checkpoints to reduce re-occurrences of such issues.
  • Complete root cause analysis and problem solving for CAPA raised and then educate their team.
  • Creating Reports for Quality Manager
  • Review batch records, deviation reports, operations and quality procedures.
  • Collect data from inspections, and then create reports for the quality manager of the company to highlight issues, detail the number of defective products being produced, and explain where improvements can be made.
  • Create and maintain Quality Management System documentation in compliance at all times, improving the system whenever possible and highlighting shortfalls of the system to management for review.
  • Maintaining Compliance
  • Monitor operation areas, ensuring they meet health and safety compliance, and check that all products meet the necessary operation standards.
  • Execute and enforce all required Quality Assurance related inspections, controls and verifications to ensure compliance of warehousing and redressing processes, in accordance to SOP, client and regulatory requirements.
  • Coordinate with suppliers to resolve non-conformances
  • Conduct compliance inspections in production floor & warehouse, identifying key areas for improvements and advise corrective action. Discuss findings with management and then implement approved improvements on the ground effectively.
  • Training and Teamwork
  • Must be able to resolve issues between team members and superiors amicably and courteously
  • Train the operation team on quality control measures to improve product excellence
  • Proposing improvements to the operation process, and provide technical advice & support to various departments

Job Requirements


Numeracy skills – to calibrate and measure specifications, excellent command over Microsoft Excel

Physical strength and stamina –may be required to lift heavy objects, so applicants for this role should be physically fit

Dexterity – to quickly remove sample parts or products during the manufacturing process

Technical skills – to understand technical documents, manuals, and blueprints to ensure that products meet the correct standards

Detail oriented – to spot issues and monitor products or parts that do not meet compliance.

Others – may require to work evenings or weekends, or overtime to meet operation deadlines.


Position Level


Additional Information

Employment Type :  Permanent, Full Time
Benefits :  Travel allowance

Skylift Districentre Pte Ltd