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Full-Time Lecturer (Acting and Performance)

Shelton College International


Education|Training 3 Years Diploma

Job description

  • Preferably 3 years of experience in Acting and Performance. 
  • Report to Academic Director
  • Deliver classroom lessons and drama performances

Job Requirements

  • Diploma (Performance or related major);
  • 3 years of experience as a TV host or TV drama (already broadcast on TV channels) or stage drama (already publicly performed), and the protagonist and supporting role are not limited;
  • At least one of the three basic skills of dance, vocal music, and lines has reached the level of professional performance (provided to provide corresponding certification is better), and can maintain a good state for students to make demonstrations or movements, if the piano in instrumental music can reach the emperor level 4 or above Better
  • Proficiency in bilingual communication between Chinese and English, with fluent spoken language;
  • Skilled use of office software;
  • Experience in PEIs or to guide students in extracurricular drama performances in government schools;
  • When submitting a resume, please submit a recent photo of me and a photo of a drama or drama with makeup;
  • Salary range of full-time teachers: $4000 -$5000

Job Role

Education and Training

Position Level


Shelton College International

Private Education