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Manufacturing 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level

Job description

You will be required to maintain the Company cleanliness.

You are expected to follow and maintain the good housekeeping at all time.

Maintain production area cleanliness.

Assist in laundry room such as washing and drying uniform , or any laundry related task.

Ad hoc jobs assigned by management

During your employment you shall, unless prevented by illness, devote your whole time and attention to the business of the company.


Job Requirements

Able to work independently

Minimum 1 year working experience


Job Role

General Worker

Position Level

Fresh/entry Level


Thong Siek Food Industry is the leading manufacturer, distributor and retailer of surimi-based (or minced fish paste in Japanese) seafood products in Singapore. At our 159,000sqft factory located at 22 Senoko Way, Thong Siek processes over 25,000kg of fish meat daily to meet local and international demand. The list of surimi-based products included Fish Balls, Prawn Balls, Cuttlefish Balls,...