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Full time stock-take associates



Transportation|Logistics 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level

Job description

We are doing stock counting using a barcode scanner for supermarkets, convenience stores and other retailers. 

Job Requirements

      1. Able to start work at 7am in the morning.

  1. Able to travel to different locations every day. Will try to put to the nearest zone base on schedule.
  2. Able to understand simple English.
  3. Able to climb ladders and other supports.
  4. Able to move simple carton boxes to scan and count.
  5. Able to work overnight jobs on certain months in a year. All spread out throughout the year.  

Position Level

Junior Executive


RGIS started from go-getters and believers. In 1958, the Nicholson family simply needed extra cash to provide for their families, and decided to perform accurate inventory service for grocers as a part time job. At that moment, Retail Grocery Inventory Services, or RGIS for short, began its historical journey in creating an emerging industry. What started from a car, briefcase, and calculator...