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Building|Construction Design 2 Years Higher Secondary/Pre-U/A' Level


D25 Kranji, Woodgrove, Woodlands  

Job Description

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

Designs and constructs visual two- and three-dimensional art works, utilizing any combination of mediums, methods, and techniques: Carves objects from stone, concrete, plaster, wood, or other material, using abrasives, chisels, gouges, mallets, and other hand tools and power tools.



  • Qualification such as a degree or higher national diploma in art and design or fine art, with sculpture as a specialism.
  • Conceptual Skills, Process Improvement, Verbal Communication, Functional and Technical Skills, Controls and Instrumentation, Supply Management, Tooling, Coordination, Inventory Control, Attention to Detail, Judgment.

Job Requirements

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

  • Devising forms from stone using masonry tools;
  • Carving and forming materials to desired shape using hand and power tools;
  • Applying media to surfaces using appropriate techniques;
  • Conceiving and developing ideas, designs and styles for paintings, drawings, pottery pieces and sculptures;
  • Arranging objects, positioning models, and selecting landscapes and other visual forms according to chosen subject matter;
  • Sketching designs of proposed sculptures, and making wax and plaster models; & Meeting dateline.

Job Role

Building and Construction

Position Level

Fresh/entry Level

Additional Information

Employment Type :  Permanent, Full Time
Benefits :  Medical insurance, Work from home

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