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Quantity Surveyor

Greyform Pte Ltd


Building|Construction 3 Years Diploma $2500-$2999

Job description


As a Quantity Surveyor, you will be responsible to perform all the required job responsibilities as stated below. You are to assist the Senior Quantity Surveyor (SQS) to ensure that all Quantity Surveying processes and procedures are in compliance to the Company's standard and requirements.



A) Tendering Process 

  1. Monitor and update all tender invitations for precast work in the list of daily tender enquiries and summary tender enquiries.
  2. Responsible to send all the tender drawings and document (including amendments) into the tender folders for tender teams' action.
  3. Review, study and check through the requirement of the tenders and list down the necessary project information which require for management's decision in accepting / rejecting the tender invitations.
  4. Highlight and list down deviations or special requirements during tender stage and clarify with Main Contractors, if necessary.
  5. Quantity take-off for all the tenders, in the form of manual measurement or by mean of software and update the amendment changes of the tender.
  6. Assist in preparation of Bill of Quantities (BQ) for SQS to do build-up costing of the precast work.   
  7. Discuss with SQS and arrange for meetings (if necessary), to get in-depth project information or details required for built-up costing.
  8. During tender stages, sourcing of quotation for rates or technical data or cast-in materials, moulds or other special items are required due to every project's requirement varies.
  9. Review and evaluate technical / cost data of the products upon receipt of such quotations (as mentioned in item no.: 12), highlight any special issues or points to SQS for her knowledge so that built-up cost can be prepared with more accuracy.
  10. Assist in preparation and submission of tender quotations and ensure timeline are met for every tender.
  11. Prepare Tender Analysis upon every tender submission for management's information and review.
  12. Monitor, follow-up and update SQS for any post-tender queries / meetings require from the Main Contractors / clients and ask for SQS' direction.
  13. Responsible of the regular updates on Tender Results (awarded main contractors for projects) so that the Business Development Department can follow up for business opportunities.
  14. Upon award of the project compile up the necessary project and cost data and organize a kick-off meeting with various Head of Departments to brief on project schedule, procurement planning and delivery schedule.


B) Project Operation 

  1. Assist in preparation of project budget for management's approval upon project award.
  2. Sourcing of pricings for materials or subcontract work and prepare cost comparison for pricing analysis purposes and discuss with management.
  3. Evaluate technical / commercial submission of Subcontractors and vendors whenever necessary.
  4. Arrange and carry out tender interview, negotiate of price with suppliers and subcontractors including of preparation of sub-contract agreement / letter of award.
  5. Prepare and respond to all subcontractors or suppliers' progress claims. Evaluate, certify and issue Payment Response to subcontractors within the monthly time frame as set out in Security of Payments Acts (SOP).
  6. Responsible to all Project's monthly progress claim submission to the customers.
  7. Project administration and documentation including closing of final accounts with the subcontractors / suppliers and clients.
  8. Ensure customers' requirement are determined and met, thus enhance customer satisfaction.
  9. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Management and the designated manager.

Job Requirements


  1. Minimum Diploma in Civil Engineering / Building / Quantity Surveying or equivalent.
  2. Minimum 3 years of relevant work experience in precast concrete / construction industry.
  3. Proficient in MS Office and other Measurement Software.
  4. Possess good problem analytical and problem-solving skills.
  5. Strong verbal and written communication skills.
  6. Able to adopt and work in a fast-pace environment.
  7. Possess teamwork spirit to work with other quantity surveyors and purchasers to accomplish the task.
  8. Possess positive working attitudes and sociable with colleagues.
  9. Show independency ability to multi-task, prioritize and organize tasks.


Job Role

Building and Construction

Position Level

Junior Executive

Greyform Pte Ltd

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