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Education|Training 1 Year Diploma $2000-$2499

Job description

Developing the Child Holistically


  • Assist in planning and implement age-appropriate curriculum according to the Company’s curriculum framework.
  • Set up quality learning environment that promotes learning in accordance to the curriculum framework.
  • Consistently maintain regular observation and evaluation of the infant’s development and progress, with on time submission of portfolio for each infant.
  • Initiate and conduct tasks and activities daily (sing-a-long, art projects, sensory exploration etc).
  • Foster a secure, warm and trusting relationship with infants through nurturing caregiving.


Health, Safety and Nutrition


  • Ensure safety of each infant through close supervision, whether in the classroom, play area, or any other areas in the school compound.  
  • Ensure that infant care routines are conducted in a manner that is prompt, hygienic and consistent with good infant development practices. These routines include diapering, feeding, bathing, hand washing, napping and transitioning between activities.
  • Maintain daily journal of milk feeds, solid feeds, diapering etc, in accordance to relevance for each age group.
  • Accept and maintain responsibility for the appearance, decor and cleanliness of the Centre.
  • Take corrective actions and inform the Principal for any potential safety hazards to prevent injuries.
  • Follow the AECES code of ethics


Collaboration with Families and Community


  • Build and maintain strong relationships with each infant’s family.


Building Professional Capacity


  • Contribute to the effective operation of the Centre by participating in staff meetings, meet-the-parent sessions, open house events, workshops etc.
  • Constantly seek to acquire organisational and professional competencies, skills and knowledge to improve personal performance; prioritise them for the development of self and others.
  • Any ad-hoc duties that may be assigned by the Management or Supervisor from time to time.




Building Organisational Capacity


  • Collaborates and communicates respectfully with Colleagues, fostering a positive work environment.
  • Demonstrate understanding and uphold the vision, mission and values of the Organisation.

Job Requirements

The minimum requirements expected to successfully perform the job.


  • Good problem solving and interpersonal skills.
  • Ability to build good rapport with Parents and various Stakeholders.
  • Enjoy and love the company of young children.
  • Compliance with ECDA requirement as a professional teacher such as lesson planning.


Job Role

Education and Training

Position Level

Junior Executive