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Accounts assistant and Business Support

Fumée By Habanos


Accounting 1 Year Professional Certificate/NITEC

Job description

Manage Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable

Perform data entry for Autocount accounting software

Perform entry into Stock software

Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports for MD

Assist in payroll and other administrative duties

Job Requirements

Certificate in Accounting

Or 2 years relevant working experience

Be willing to work 10am to 8pm

Job Role

Customer service

Position Level


Fumée By Habanos

What does the name Fumée mean? Fumée (Fu-mei) has its origin in French. For us, it plays on the sense of smell. Many of us forget how food taste after a while, but most of us can recognize a mile away, the smell of fresh popped pop-corn, cookies in the oven, steaks on the grill and fresh pulled espresso.  What is the story behind the name, Fumée?  The...