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Hospitality|F&B 1 Year Professional Certificate/NITEC


D01 Boat Quay, Cecil, Marina, People's Park,Havelock Road, Raffles Place, Suntec City 

Job Description

Location: MBS Shopping Centre


1)  Immediate Vacancy 
2)  Junior Position
3)  Job Type: Full-time 

Exciting opportunity to learn and work under a experience Chef!.

Open kitchen concept. at least 1 year of working experience in the kitchen.

Position Level


Additional Information

Employment Type :  Full Time, Contract

JQ Dining Pte Ltd

JQ is a celebrity Chef and thus we are the showbiz.  Our food is our passion, it is our art and creation.  Our customers do not come to browse, once they entered, they are here to buy a luxurious experience with us, because at JQ, we create, manufacture and sell specialities. Our Mission To deliver exceptional modern and elegant Asian dining experiences through quality food...