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Retail Operations Executive

Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd


Sales|Customer Services|Business Development 2 Years Diploma $2000-$2499

Job description

  1. Assist to ensure smooth operations of all retails outlets.
  2. Assist in manpower planning and manage point of sales system.
  3. Assist in planning and setting up of retail space and product arrangement.
  4. Setting up SOP for retail stores.
  5. Recruitment and training for new staffs.
  6. Execute sales & marketing plans for retail outlets.
  7. Generate sales & purchase, financial reports etc for relevant departments.
  8. Daily operations of stores including manning of cashier, customer service, stock taking.

Job Requirements

  1. Willing to travel (around Singapore) and work on weekends and public holidays.
  2. Effective communication skills.
  3. Able to lead and motivate team members to achieve sales targets.
  4. Able to work under pressure and multitask.
  5. Independent, meticulous and sales driven.
  6. Able to handle customer complaints.

Job Role


Position Level

Senior Executive

Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd

Song Fish Dealer Pte Ltd was established in 1975. Building on our reputation of exceptional quality, we expanded our business to become a leading supplier of frozen seafood and poultry. Today, our client base comprises of hotel chains, fine-dining restaurants, retailers, wholesalers and ship chandlers. We export a wide variety of products throughout Asia and the rest of the world, ensuring...