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Retail Assistant - Swee Heng Bakery - New Outlets Opening

Swee Heng Bakery Pte Ltd


Hospitality|F&B 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level <$2000

Job description

  • Provide customer service at all times (e.g: greet customers, suggestive sell, taking orders and handle enquires)  随时提供客户服务 (如:向顾客打招呼 ,推荐产品,接订单及处理顾客的疑问)
  • Handle cash payment   处理顾客的现金支付
  • To carry out task assigned by Outlet Supervisor   执行主管所分配的任务
  • Tally physical stock (bread/cakes) quantities against delivery order   检查及计算面包与蛋糕的数量,确保数量与交付订单吻合
  • Fax outlet orders to factory on time  准时将门市订单传回来工厂
  • To tally daily cash settlement with Outlet Supervisor  与销售主管点算每日的现金
  • Mandatory to wear gloves when handling food  在处理食物时,一定要带手套
  • To ensure bread / cakes are properly display at all times 确保面包与蛋糕时刻都排放正确
  • Enforces all products (breads/cakes) are serve within expiry dates 强制所有产品(面包/蛋糕)必须都在有效期内才可以售出
  • Ensure high standard of cleanliness and maintain good personal hygiene to adhere to company’s image 确保员工保持良好的个人的整洁及卫生,以保护公司的形象

Job Requirements

  • No experience required as training will be provided 有无经验皆可 ,公司将提供培训
  • Willing to work 6 days (including weekends and public holidays) 一星期必须可以工作六天(包括周末及公共假日)
  • Pleasant personality  拥有良好的个人品格
  • Basic customer service skills   拥有基本的客户服务技巧
  • Good work ethics (integrity, teamwork, punctuality, respect)  拥有良好的职业道德(诚信,团队合作,守时,互相尊重)


Job Role


Position Level


Swee Heng Bakery Pte Ltd

Swee Heng was set up in 1989 as a small 650sq ft shop with 5 employees at Yu Hua Village located at Jurong East. Swee Heng has 59 outlets in Singapore with 700 employees and a 15,000 sq ft factory with central kitchen at 16 Senoko Avenue that operates round the clock.   As the company strives to provide the best for their customers, Swee Heng has...