Hospitality|F&B 0 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level $2500-$2999

Job description

  • Perform cleaning duties in outlets and ensure all areas hygiene is up to standards;
  • Use established work procedure, avoid stack dirty tableware and ensure sanity and supply of tableware;
  • Proactively report wastage with a strong sense of conservation; record wasted tableware to minimize wastage rate;
  • Keep the dish washing room clean and organized with no water on the floor;
  • Skilfully operate and maintain equipment and facilities;
  • Complete other tasks assigned by superiors;
  • Assist other departments in their work.

Job Requirements

  • Daily meals provided
  • Monthly and annual performance bonus
  • Annual Salary Increment
  • Career Progression (equal opportunities for all employees)
  • Training provided
  • Free employee transport for shifts ending after 12am
  • Excellent Remuneration Package:Monthly salary from S$2650 to S$4500 + Incentives

Job Role

General Worker

Position Level


Singapore Hai Di Lao Dining Pte Ltd

Sichuan HaiDiLao Catering Co. Ltd was founded in 1994. It serves mainly Sichuan style hotpot while mixing the pick of other style hot pot. It has the top priority of ensuring the customer satisfaction by providing the best service and best food. The company values innovation and encourages personalized service. The management delivers the philosophy of “hands change...