Junior Sales Agent

Sirius Marketing Pte Ltd


Sales|Customer Services|Business Development 0 Year Diploma



Job description


  •  Flexible working hours
  •  Travel regionally for upskilling and self-development
  •  High income
  •  Career advancements based on performance


  •  Attending regular workshops and seminars
  •  Driving sales consistently within team
  •  Directing associates to a common goal

Job Requirements

  •  Performing face-to-face presentations
  •  Self-driven
  •  Potential for leadership roles
  •  Team player with excellent communication skills

Job Role

Events / Promotion

Position Level

Junior Executive

Sirius Marketing Pte Ltd

Sirius Marketing  was awarded with ‘Marketing Office of the Year 2011’ and ‘SME of the Year 2014’ as a result of carving a niche for ourselves in the local market. We believe that quality sales and excellent customer service are the reins of our chariot that pulls the company forward to excel in direct marketing.   Being one of the leading...