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Information Technology 3 Years Bachelor's Degree

Job description

1) Develop Exchange Server module/plug-in to provide secure-email functionality through web browser

2)      Develop web browser plug-in to communicate with client agent/service to implement secure-email features

3)      Develop client agent/service to

  1. Communicate with middleware( 3rd party crypto library)  to perform cryptographic functionalities
  2. Communicate with smartcard driver to interface with smartcard functionalities
  3. Communicate with web browser plug-in

4)      To cater for secure communications between above components

5)      To cater for secure web-application development

Job Requirements

  • Experience with developing add-ins (can be either Web or VSTO).
  • Experience in browser extensions.
  • Must know Javascript.
  • Experience developing UWP applications. Either in C# or C++.
  • Experience with Windows system development also.
  • familiar with Smime

Position Level


Mindteck Singapore Pte Ltd

MINDTECK, a global technology company established in 1991, provides Product Engineering solutions and Information Technology services to top-tier Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, leading universities and government entities worldwide. Many of the company’s clients have been featured in the list of Top 100 Global Innovators 2014 published by Thomson Reuters, the Top 50 Process...