Software Engineer

  • Mindteck Singapore Pte Ltd
Information Technology 3 Years Bachelor's Degree
D22 Boon Lay, Jurong, Jurong Island, Tuas

Job Description

1) Develop Exchange Server module/plug-in to provide secure-email functionality through web browser

2)      Develop web browser plug-in to communicate with client agent/service to implement secure-email features

3)      Develop client agent/service to

  1. Communicate with middleware( 3rd party crypto library)  to perform cryptographic functionalities
  2. Communicate with smartcard driver to interface with smartcard functionalities
  3. Communicate with web browser plug-in

4)      To cater for secure communications between above components

5)      To cater for secure web-application development

Job Requirements

  • Experience with developing add-ins (can be either Web or VSTO).
  • Experience in browser extensions.
  • Must know Javascript.
  • Experience developing UWP applications. Either in C# or C++.
  • Experience with Windows system development also.
  • familiar with Smime

Position Level