Logistics Operation Executive

  • Starlink Resources Pte Ltd
Transportation|Logistics 3 Years Higher Secondary/Pre-U/A' Level
D17 Changi, Loyang

Job Description

  1. Execute inventory control measures to ensure the company stock system and paperwork accuracy.


  1. Monitor & control inventory accuracy checks for below, to ensure integrity and accuracy of the stock management system*:
  2. Inbound Receiving
  3. Outbound Outgoing (Majority Task)

                                      iii.     Return to Warehouse

  1. Inter-store Transfer


  1. Organise Stock Takes & Reconciliation together with stock controller
  1. Planned, managing and running stock takes
  2. Follow Finance Dept. yearly schedule and perform cyclic stock count weekly (if any)


  1. Analysis the data for ongoing project.


  1. Produce daily, weekly, and monthly ops reports.


  1. Manage Control Measurement Tools to ensure mistakes, inaccuracies and discrepancies are highlighted, addressed and resolved.


*Buddy-system with Customer Service Team to maintain day-to-day ordering from end customer.

Position Level

Senior Executive