Senior Engineer (C&S)

  • Surbana International
  • Singapore
Building|Construction Engineering 4 Years Bachelor's Degree
D03 Alexandra Road, Queenstown, Tiong Bahru

Job Description


Job Description
The successful candidate will develop design programmes via visual scripting pertaining to architectural and engineering field.
There will be opportunities to be part of project team to deliver projects from design to construction stage.

Job Requirements

• Basic domain knowledge of applicant shall includes either architectural or engineering degree recognized by the local professional registrar.
• Preferable to possess practice experience in architectural or engineering in the building industry for at least 3 to 5 yrs.
• 2 years or more experience with Grasshopper/Dynamo
• Experience in decomposing complex systems
• Knowledge in architectural/engineering design
• 1 year in scripting experience/web development with Javascript/Python/Ruby or equivalent
• Excellent communication skills (Verbal and written)
• Strong work ethics and a curious & eager learner
• Selected candidates must be prepared for an overseas posting of at least three (3) months.

Job Role

Building and Construction

Position Level

Senior Executive