Commis Cook

  • Grand Park City Hall
Full Time, Contract Hospitality|F&B 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level <$2000
D01 Boat Quay, Cecil, Marina, People's Park,Havelock Road, Raffles Place, Suntec City

Job Description

To assist in the preparation of mis-en-place and production of food during operation time.

Job Requirements

To cook standard and/or a-la-carte dishes in accordance with the menu. 


2.2       To assists the Junior Sous Chef with special dishes.


2.2       To clean and prepare the kitchen, dry store and refrigerator areas.


To assist in preparation of mis-en-place for daily operations.

  • To set up condiments for service and clean up after service.
  • To assist other Cooks in the kitchen as and when there is a shortage of men to do the job.
  • To ensure there is sufficient staff on standby in the kitchen at all times (eg. during toilet, smoking or lunch/dinner breaks).
  • To keep kitchen equipment and tools in good order and report any defects/malfunction.
  • To comply with the safety and hygiene standards at all time.
  • To constantly upgrade culinary skills through training and/or self-study.
  • Any other suitable tasks as and when assigned by Junior Sous Chef / Executive Sous Chef / Executive Chef

Job Role


Position Level