Chef De Partie

  • Grand Park City Hall
Permanent, Full Time Hospitality|F&B 5 Years Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level $2000-$2499
D01 Boat Quay, Cecil, Marina, People's Park,Havelock Road, Raffles Place, Suntec City

Job Description

To assist the Executive Chef/ Sous Chef in ensuring the smooth and efficient operations of the Kitchen Department.

Job Requirements


  • To supervise the work of the cooks and pantry staff.
  • To arrange for extra staffing during busy operations if necessary.
  • To control the consistency of quality and quantity of foods served.
  • To prepare daily market list.
  • To control foods cost.
  • To recommend menu and price adjustments.
  • To ensure maintenance of all operating equipments in the kitchen.
  • To organize proper and systematic storage of food items in the kitchen.
  • To ensure that the cooks and pantry staff observe all safety and hygiene standards.
  • To ensure all junior staff are trained for the jobs.
  • To ensure good team work in the kitchen, and counsel staff with problems.
  • Any other suitable tasks as and when assigned by Executive Sous Chef.

Job Role


Position Level