Security Officer

  • Grand Park City Hall
Full Time, Contract Hospitality|F&B 2 Years Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level <$2000
D01 Boat Quay, Cecil, Marina, People's Park,Havelock Road, Raffles Place, Suntec City

Job Description

To perform general duties of a Security Officer and work closely with employees to ensure a secure environment for guests, staff and hotel’s properties.

Job Requirements

  • To protect life and property which includes prevention and deterrence of crimes.
  • To perform static duties at hotel lobby and staff entrance, patrol on guest floor and hotel premises, monitor CCTV and perform any other duties as assigned to the Security Control Room.
  • To be aware of important event developments in the hotel in order to carry out duties effectively and efficiently.
  • To create security and fire safety awareness among staff and guests. To carry out fire fighting function as and when necessary.
  • To attend to car park issues when necessary.
  • To respond immediately to guests and staff for their needs or requests for security assistance, and to follow-up with the matter issue.
  • Any other suitable tasks as and when assigned by Senior Security Officer / Executive.


Job Role


Position Level