Concierge Bellman

  • Grand Park City Hall
Full Time, Contract Hospitality|F&B 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level <$2000
D01 Boat Quay, Cecil, Marina, People's Park,Havelock Road, Raffles Place, Suntec City

Job Description

  • To render assistance to arriving & departing guests, handle their baggage promptly and orientate guests on facilities in rooms and hotel.
  • To be smart, well groomed and tidy in personal appearance.
  • To greet and render courtesy to all hotel guests and staff with a smile.

Job Requirements

  • To greet and welcome guests by using standard phrases of welcome, ensuring guests receive a positive first impression.
  • To read all entries on information and follow-up on the Communication log book during each shift.
  • To ensure all equipment like trolleys, wheel chairs, umbrellas, etc are properly clean and in good condition.
  • To assist guests with their baggage, tag their baggage and usher guests to reception desk for registration.
  • To accompany guest to assigned room, explain the room’s amenities and hotel’s facilities such as restaurant, gym/pool to guest.
  • To greet guest upon entering room and verify number of baggage in the presence of guest.
  • To remind guest to make sure nothing is left behind in the room and escort guest to lift.  To check with guest on requirement of transport arrangement.
  • To attend and bring down baggage from check-out guest room and to store it if requested by guest.
  • To hand room keycard and ushered guest to cashier counter.
  • To assist in Room Transfer and to collect new room keycard from reception. To confirm number of baggage and escort guest to the transferred room.
  • To run errands such as delivering of messages, faxes and packages to guest rooms.
  • To ensure all deliveries for guests are handled in accordance with security procedures and items are delivered to room promptly and efficiently.
  • To provide information and answer queries on Singapore’s places of interest and the routes to guest.
  • To check cleanliness at lobby and driveway area and to follow-up with housekeeping if needed.
  • To distribute daily morning newspapers to all guest’s rooms.
  • To inform Guest Services Manager of any undesirable character of guests in the lobby.
  • To attend to any additional tasks assigned according to needs of business.
  • To carry out fire warden’s duties as and when necessary.
  • To co-ordinate with reception staff to ensure hotel’s objective to provide the most efficient services to guests is achieved.
  • Any other suitable tasks as and when assigned by your Superior.


Job Role


Position Level