Delivery Driver

  • OJJ Foods Pte Ltd
Permanent, Full Time Manufacturing 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level <$2000

Job Description

Job Description 工作叙述要求

  • Perform cold chain delivery of fresh meat products to assigned places 将新鲜肉制品冷链送至指定地点
  • Ensure goods are transported and unloaded at destinations in good conditions 确保货物在良好条件下运输和卸载在目的地
  • Operates temperature controlled truck in a safe and courteous manner while adhering to traffic rules and regulations 以安全有礼的方式下操作温控卡车并同时遵守交通规则和规定
  • Adheres to company standards, policies, and procedures in the areas of invoicing, delivery, good return and money collection 在发票,送货,退货和收款的各方面遵守公司设下的标准,政策和程序
  • Assist in loading and unloading of goods 协助上货和下货
  • Maintain good working relations with suppliers/customers 与供应商或客户保持良好的工作关系
  • Keep track of any problems or incidents during delivery and report to immediate supervisor 监控过程中的任何问题或事件并报告给直属上级
  • Maintain cleanliness, both interior and exterior, of the assigned vehicle at all times 保持车内和车外的洁净
  • Any ad-hoc duties as assigned by the supervisor 执行其他被分配的职务


Job Requirements

Requirements 需求

  • Minimum 1 year of working experience in relevant industry 有意者必须拥有最少一年相关领域的工作经验
  • Possess a valid Class 3 converted license 拥有三号驾驶执照
  • Familiar with Singapore routes 熟悉新加坡路线
  • Physically fit to carry heavy goods (approximately 20kg and above) 体格健壮能携搬重物(约20公斤以上)
  • Able to deliver under tight deadline 能够在紧迫的期限内交货
  • Able to work independently and be part of a team 能够独立工作并能在团队中一起工作


Interested candidates are requested to come down for a walk-in interview from Mon – Fri: 9.00am – 4.00pm

有意者请在工作时间 (周一至周五) 亲临面试:

15 Wan Lee Road S(627945)

Take Bus no 252, alight at the 1st Bus Stop along Enterprise Road

文礼地铁站搭巴士 252 号, 第一个站下车沿着 Enterprise Road

Job Role

General Worker

Position Level