Logistic Assistant (Transit)

  • Singapore Jamco Services Pte Ltd
  • Singapore
Permanent, Full Time Transportation|Logistics 1 Year Primary/Secondary School/'O' Level
D17 Changi, Loyang

Job Description

  • Collection and Delivery of repairable Component, Items, Serviceable Spares and Unserviceable Spares to respective workshops/warehouse.
  • Ensure traceability of documenting every movement of Component, Items, Serviceable Spares and Userviceable Spares
  • Ensure all required Component, Items, Serviceable Spares or Unserviceable Spares are collected/move to their specified locations within 1 hrs upon notification.
  • Ensure all repairable Component, Items, Serviceable Spares and Unserviceable Spares are checked and accounted for during collection
  • Relocation of Spares issued to bay due to aircraft movement
  • Manifest listing (Name, Hangar Bay, A/C Reg no., Workshop) to be used before every movement including discrepancy serviceable spares/components, consumables & expendables, and tools & equiptment.
  • To upkeep and update any other reports as required by SIAEC such as daily reporting of all aircraft spares/components moved within the day.
  • Ensure loss report is raised within the same day of loss / discovery when any item has been declared missing.

Job Requirements


  • Forklift or Class 3/4 License
  • Physically Fit
  • Able to read and write simple English

Working location: SIA Airline House
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 5.30pm

Job Role

General Worker

Position Level