Product Data Analyst Intern

  • Singapore
Internship Information Technology 1 Year Bachelor's Degree
D03 Alexandra Road, Queenstown, Tiong Bahru

Job Description

About the role:

Products are getting smarter everyday with right set of features that users not just need but also want.User experience is evolving over the period of time by making it more contextual and data driven.

This is a diverse role requiring interest and skills in crunching numbers, and design thinking for our existing multiple product end points: Rotimatic, Rotimatic App, Webconsole (product for internal consumption storing logs, ratings). These products come together to build an ecosystem that is critically pivoted on data and design.

From each Product end point we have huge amount of data inflowing, along with data from user research, customer support , user researches and engagement forums such as Beta program. This data will be factored in completing the feedback loop and improving the design.

Role and Responsibilities:

  • Directly work with Product Manager running Rotimatic and other products.
  • Understand various end points and collate existing data from all the endpoints.
  • Set up dashboards for different usage patterns by correlating data from various source and mining it.
  • Identify data points to be captured for new features or missing data points for existing features and work with Big Data Analyst to get the right data to complete your visualizations.
  • Weekly Data report card published with highlights and lowlights with lot of number crunching and correlating information.
  • Early stage design thinking and wireframing, interaction design and workflows.
  • Complete the feedback loop by factoring in data, quantitative and qualitative( User research, social media feedback, etc.) to enhance the design
  • Bonus : If you have the knowledge of UI tools such as Sketch.

Job Requirements

Skills & Qualification:

  • Bachelors/Masters degree in Economics.
  • Aptitude for Data analysis and Statistical Analysis
  • Love for number crunching
  • Process oriented and detailed thinking
  • Passion for turning data into insights and helping others unlock the power of their data
  • Proficiency and solid foundation in statistics
  • Advanced level of proficiency in Microsoft Excel (including Pivot Tables and VLookup) and Microsoft Powerpoint or similar tools
  • Proficiency at web analytics tools including Google Analytics
  • Proficiency at SQL Query development (MySQL, MSSQL)

Job Role


Position Level

Fresh/entry Level