• Hermes-Epitek Corporation Pte Ltd

    • 4 Changi North St 1, Hermes-Epitek Centre S(498816)
About Hermes-Epitek Corporation Pte Ltd
Established in 1977, Hermes-Epitek Corporation Pte Ltd is one of the leading value-added full service houses for semiconductor/ Flat Panel Display manufacturing equipment and process technologies. Headquartered in Hshinchu, Taiwan, we provide holistic engineering solutions and services to the semiconductor industry.
Hermes-Epitek Singapore started its operations in 1992 and has since expanded to the current staff strength of more than 200.  Over the years, we have become the key player in the industry by holding true to our vision; To be an independent World Class Service Company for the Semiconductor Industry.


At Hermes, we believe human capital is our treasure.The concepts of Partnership & Service are shared amongst the Hermes staff members. We are looking for people with the same ambition and goal to accomplish our mission.

We're looking for those with the core competences of:
Customer Service Orientation
Those who are able to place understand the clients' perspective, and do their best to meet clients' needs.

Those who can think with many different points of view, and figure out a creative solution to solve a problem.
Communication / Individual Leadership
Those who can encourage other team members with their interpersonal and management skills, to accomplish goals.

Team work
Those who can be content to be a member of a larger team, and do the best to achieve those team goals.

Problem Solving
Those who can think logically and practically to work out successful solutions for problems faced.