PLENUS & MK Pte Ltd is incorporated in Singapore in the year 2011. PLENUS & MK Pte Ltd is a joint venture of 2 companies which is from Japan and Thailand. PLENUS & MK is a multi-cultural company and plans to expand in Singapore.
Yayoiken Japanese Restaurant originated from Plenus Company Limited in Japan which has 270+ restaurants in Japan, 140+ in Thailand and located in various countries including Taiwan, Australia, USA and is now operating 7 shops in Singapore.
MK restaurant originated from MK Restaurant Company Limited is one of the largest Thai-owned chain restaurant businesses with more than 400 outlets nationwide plus more than 30 outlets in Japan. The first MK restaurant is opened in Singapore in June year 2013.

Why join us?

Not only work but have fun at work! We are a company with rich cultural heritage and we run large businesses in overseas. You will stand a chance to have overseas trips, regardless of business or training, you will visualize how your future will be. Attractive remuneration package and grooming of our employees are always what we consistently practice.
Bright career path and stable company environment, you can work without worry!