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Assist in cooking and food preparation. Ensure that all ingredients, sauces and pre-prepared sauces are sufficient. Ensure kitchen safety and food hygiene. Ensure all kitchen equipment, tools are in good order and reports any defects/malfunction and assist the daily operations at back kitchen. Check that all meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits and other perishable ingredients are fresh. Ensure that all necessary frozen food items and meat are taken out of the freezer for thawing. Ensure that all work stations are clean, tidy and ready for the start of business day.   Ensure that the Kitchen work top, cookers, ovens, grills, utensils, appliances, equipment, seafood tanks and the floor are often cleaned and disinfected.   Assist in ordering and receiving ingredients and supplies. Prior to ordering, check the inventory levels of the ingredients and supplies under his/her care before ordering.