• ACE Pacific Pte Ltd

    • Woodlands Drive 65, Singapore
Ace Pacific Pte Ltd (ACE PACIFIC) is your most valued resource for the internet and network security solutions in the Asia Pacific Region. We provide E-Security solutions that help companies excel by harnessing the latest technologies and trends to foster economic results for your clients. We have established ourselves as a one-stop distributor of E-Security solutions to meet the increasing demand of the South East Asian market. With it, ACE PACIFIC has extended its operations from Singapore to other 5 countries, which are China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Today's leading organizations are reinventing their business strategies and processes to capitalize on the Internet and facilitate information exchange over the Web. ACE PACIFIC has built the expertise to facilitate this exchange and we are able to provide innovative security solutions to an organization's most pressing concerns in business operations, technology, strategy and culture.
We have successfully helped many clients including Government Bodies, Statutory Boards, Banks, Financial Institutions, MNC as well as SME to maximize productivity, efficiency and overall performance through our Partners
Why join us?
  • We offer attractive salary that commensurates with work experience.
  • We provide opportunities for career advancement within the company.
  • We advocate a safe working environment for all our employees.