• Fumée By Habanos

What does the name Fumée mean?

Fumée (Fu-mei) has its origin in French. For us, it plays on the sense of smell. Many of us forget how food taste after a while, but most of us can recognize a mile away, the smell of fresh popped pop-corn, cookies in the oven, steaks on the grill and fresh pulled espresso. 

What is the story behind the name, Fumée? 

The philosophy behind Fumée has always been to close the gap between being customers and being friends. We have heard so much from our longtime friends that it was decided to start a new concept where they could let down their hair - while enjoying their espresso, or Barolo or Single Malts. 

What’s Fumée?

Fumée is a new hospitality concept offering dining, entertainment and retail, providing a comfortable outdoor terrace to enjoy a unique dining experience. Spanning 6,000 square feet, Fumée comfortably seats 390 people on her terrace deck, dining hall, wine club and private rooms. Located in downtown Singapore in the heart of the Central Business District, customers of Fumée see her as their “Lepak (an oxford dictionary approved Malaysian expression for “relax”) Corner”, where they unwind to an uber fresh draft beer, their favourite wines (we have a decent collection of 250 international labels), 

The vast indoor and outdoor space allows easy transformation from holding private functions to corporate events. The interior of Fumée feature the architectural styling of where lush colours and clean lines meld into an atmosphere of complete harmony. The abundance of natural light creates a bright atmosphere in the day that turns funky at night.


During lunch, we feature a sarnie line where our customers can customize their own sandwiches. Our deli holds a comprehensive selection of fine cheeses and premium charcuteries.

Upon entering Fumée, your line of sight would not be able to miss the Wine Club which holds over 250 different labels of wine hailing from all parts of the world. There is also a whisky bar where the most exclusive whiskies such as the Yamasaki 25 years and Hibiki 30 years reside in. 

To provide top-notch musical entertainment, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, there would be live band entertainment featuring different hot and new local acts. 


Proprietors Helen Goh and Natalie Wong set up Habanos The Fine Cigar People 19 years ago as Singapore’s very first, and only, full-fledged Tobacconist; specialising in Fine Cuban Cigars. Now, they are transitioning to bring a brand new F&B concept to Singapore, introducing a new lifestyle for our customers to indulge in.